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The Ultimate Ingredient Guide For Each Skin Type

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Oh boy, oh boy do I have an exciting post here. In my last post, “The Future of Skin Types: Why They Might Not Matter", I talked all about skin types: the good, the bad and the ugly. Although I believe that you should not label your skin into a definitive category, I think it is important to recognize your skin texture and how it changes over time.

So, now that you’ve checked your skin out, and are able to identify areas of concern such as oiliness in the T-zone or dry patches on the cheeks, how do you know what skincare ingredients to look out for when shopping for products?

To help you out, I created the ultimate ingredient guide for navigating skincare products and terminology.

Guide to Skin Ingredients
Download PDF • 90KB

Each skin section (oily, dry and combination) has a YES and a NO ingredient list. The yes ingredients are ones that you like to find in your skincare products and the no ingredients are those that you really want to avoid. The next time you go product shopping, take this guide with you and compare the product’s ingredient list with the yes and no sections provided in the guide.

When using this guide, I want you to look at and use all the skin types because chances are that you will experience them all and will need to adjust your skincare routine frequently. You may be wondering why there are only three skin sections. Well, normal skin (in my eyes), shouldn’t be a classification. If you feel like you have “normal skin”, all of the ingredients listed within the guide should be good for you to try and use. If you are worried about an ingredient, first test it out on your wrist, or one part of your face, to see how your skin reacts.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an exhaustive list. If it were, this post would end up being a novel. I wanted to provide a beginner’s basic guide that would not scare any of you away with skincare terminology. The ingredients included in this guide are ones that you will find in many popular skincare products. I want you to get familiar with these before you move on in your skincare journey with me.

Save it to your desktop. Keep it in your phone. Print it out. Keep it in your purse, your car, or every single pant pocket. Let’s start making good skin decisions!

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