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Welcome to The Skin Source 

My name is Sydney. In addition to being a Consumer Insights Manager, I am an overwhelmed, confused and often exhausted skincare lover who can’t decide what is right to put on my skin and where to invest my money. 


Although you may be thinking that I sound like the world’s most negative person (I promise I’m not), I wanted to introduce myself by telling you how I truly feel. The Internet these days is riddled with skin enthusiasts, beauty influencers and million-dollar skincare empires who all do a similar thing: throw too much information at our faces. What I mean by this is that unless you are an encyclopedia or a skincare God, the beauty industry is a very saturated and perplexing market. When we see someone advertising for a $300 cream, should we purchase it because of the price tag or because of the person in front of the camera selling it? If you are tempted to answer yes to these questions, don’t worry, I am right there with you. 


This is where I introduce you to The Skin Source: a blog that takes you back to the basics of skin biology and health, explains ingredient lists, and discusses the benefits of skincare products and treatments. Together, we will educate ourselves on the important topics of skin care, specifically, the anatomy of skin layers, the root of skin problems such as acne and hyperpigmentation and, of course, a breakdown of the world’s most popular skincare brands. I want to encourage all of you to learn about, and understand, all things skin so that, when faced with decisions about skin care (and this day will come), you feel confident to make the right choices. 


I am writing for all of those who have ever felt at a loss when looking at an ingredient list, for those who have ever wondered why they need retinol, and for those who have ever asked what the f*** is a gua sha stone.


I would love to learn more about you! Get in contact with me here!

- Sydney  


Social Media Policy

We're all here to talk about skincare, so let's keep it that way! 

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Let me know and we can talk about it! A friendly reminder that users who post inappropriate comment will be blocked from The Skin Source website. 

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